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Fashion Fact Friday - Crazy Hat Lady

For most of us, hats are a basic item meant to cover our heads and protect us from the sun. True fashionistas know that a hat is so much more than that - it's a statement, a way to express yourself, the cherry on the top. They come in so many forms, colors and prints and they can make or break an outfit. Hats have a rich history behind them (that has nothing to do with Summer. Shocking!) and actually, the iconic piece became a fashion must-have thanks to queen

Elizabeth 1.

The Queen started this British trend in 1571. She enacted a law that required all citizens above the age of 7 to wear hats (I totally get her). The law wasn't enforced and over the years hats became less and less common, yet today it's still a key item in special occasions in England.

Queen Elizabeth 1 is known for many things, but if you ask me her best decision by far was to obligate her people to wear hats. I relate to her decision on a deep level. Well, she was a redhead - I am a red head; she was obsessed with hats - I'm obsessed with hats; she's a queen - I'm a queen. Is it possible that I've just figured out who I was in previous life?!

Call me a crazy hat lady and watch me not caring.

Stay classy,


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