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Fashion Fact Friday: Heels

Heels need no introduction. For some they are shoes but for others they’re a fantasy. As a high-heel fanatic myself, I know the power that shoes have on my confidence. It might sound superficial, but this feeling has been around since the 17th century. Oh, did I make you curious?

For those who don't know the fascinating history of heels, you better sit down. The fashionable item was first introduced around the 17th century as a status marker, mainly for European men. The logic was that people who had to work couldn't walk around in these unrealistic shoes, therefor only royals could wear them. Mind-blowing.

According to the book "Fashion that changed the world", Written by Jennifer Croll, king Louis XIV was obsessed with heels partially because he loved to flaunt his legs, but also because of his height. He had a private shoemaker, Nicolas Lestage, that became famous thanks to his work with the king. At some point, Louis (my homie) decided that the heels of the upper-class shoes had to be red. Sounds familiar? Yup, it might have been Louboutin's primary inspiration.

When thinking about it, Cardi B just might be a reincarnation of King Louis XIV, because as she said: "These expensive, these is red bottoms these is bloody shoes". Ugh, pure poetry.

You know what they say - high heels, high hopes.

Stay classy,


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