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Fashion Fact Friday – Princess Diana's Revenge Dress

Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales was everything the world was looking for – a humble, powerful and stylish role model. Her impact on people's lives was and still is unprecedented. There are so many stories to tell about Lady Di, but we're here to praise her fashion and the way it reflected significant moments in her life.

Before entering the royal life, Diana didn't care much about her style. She was a natural beauty who didn't think about her outfit more than five minutes before leaving the house (according to a documentary about her life). It was only when she became a royal that she realized the power of her clothes. Being a royal means you have to pay attention to every dress, earing and sock you wear, the people's princess took that responsibility seriously and made it her own.

The Princess of Wales had many major makeovers throughout the years. The First was on her wedding day, when she wore the most luxurious and magnificent wedding dress; then, she started wearing super trendy outfits and became a muse; and lastly when she broke a significant royal rule and started wearing elegant pants to formal events. Pants for heaven's sake!

With all due respect to her stylish transformation, perhaps the best fashion moment was her "revenge dress". The day Prince Charles announced to the world that he cheated on the people's princess with Camilla, Diana had a formal event she was obligated to attend. She did not want to leave her house, and even said to one of her employers: "I don’t have anything to wear!" Well, she sure did find something. Diana pulled out from her closet a revealing mini dress with a trail, which she bought a few years prior but thought was too daring for a princess. Both British and global press covered the dress more than the Prince's announcement. Oh, how the tables turn.

After the notorious divorce, Diana once again changed her style. She wore trendy, tight, revealing and breathtaking outfits, all while maintaining a true princess class and style. An interesting fact is that during her marriage to Prince Charles, she couldn't wear heels because they were both in the same height (1.78m), therefor when she became single again she compensated for all her flat year and wore heels everywhere.

The legendary Italian designer, Gianni Versace, said about Princess Diana: "she is mother Teresa and Cindy Crawford of our time". Iconic.

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