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Fashion Fact Friday - The color purple

The color purple is super trendy right now and has been surrounding us for a few seasons. The reason for this color’s recent rise to fame has been addressed in many researches. What a lot of people don’t know is that this beautiful color was a strong indicator of social classes throughout history.

Historically, purple garments were worn solely by royalty, because it was so expensive and hard to create the color! In fact, Cleopatra was a big fan of purple and needed 20,000 snails, soaked for 10 days, to get only one ounce of dye for her clothes. Damn, that’s Commitment. Another example (yet not as extra as Cleopatra’s) is queen Elizabeth the first, which allowed only royal family members to wear this color, and forbad everyone else.

Today, as mentioned before, it's one of the trendiest colors out there and honestly, I hope it stays this way.

Final fun fact - it's my favorite color.

Stay classy,


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