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Instagram move a side, there's a new player in town

What will be the next media platform for the fashion industry? We might have the answer

There's no doubt that Instagram is the number one social media today (even though YouTube is right behind). It's no longer just a platform for posting photos, but an actual career base for a lot of people. Like everything these days, we can assume Instagram's reign will eventually have an end. This fact raises an important question – what is the next social media that'll control the world? Let us shock you with our answer – we believe it's going to be Telegram.

At a time when everything is exposed and breached, there's a real need of privacy (even on social media). After the issues with Facebook surfaced, it became clearer that a change in social media is needed, and even though Telegram exists since 2014, more and more people are running to it in order to secure their messages, photos and thoughts.

The power of Facebook and Instagram in the fashion industry (especially among bloggers) is that every post about fashion shows, trends or news is immediately spread between millions of people. Some may say that the circulation is infinite. For that reason, it'll take a few years until these social Medias will weaken Telegram will overtake everything else when the need in exclusivity returns. And it will return. Time has taught us that people are attracted to things that are prestigious and hard to get. By moving to the new and top secret app, influencers will be able to sort their audience and spread their critique, style and knowledge between an exclusive and chosen group of people.

If you're having are hard time understanding our prediction, Imagine this - Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are fast fashion (such as H&M, Zara and Forever21), and Telegram is high fashion (like Chanel, Dior and Fendi). Even though people can receive information from the "fast fashion" media, most people still aspire to be part of the "high fashion" platform. Get it? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of an exclusive fashion group, AKA – a Gucci bag? Only time will tell if our prediction is right, but if it is – don’t forget where you heard it first.


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