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Read more, dress better

Why fashion is a live-action newspaper

When it comes to fashion, don't think about clothes

In a time when social, political and environmental issues concern a growing share of the population and not just activists, it is only fair that they will also be used as a tool to communicate with consumers, now that they're actually expecting brands to take a stand. Many brands are taking a stand about the world's pressing issues by designing collections which reflect their opinions and values. It is now clearer than ever - as a consumer and as a brand, if you want to be one with fashion's latest trends, you must be up to date on the social, political and environmental issues on the agenda.

more and more brands are taking advantage of the fashion industry’s influence and addressing about major issues without speaking.

Clothes have been a form of expression ever since world war 1. Women had first started working and were no longer able to wear complicated long dresses. It was a time when the notion of female empowerment started rising (slowly but surely). Up until then, clothes were a way to express social status, not values. Since that point, Fashion has become a voice to many people, and today it is more relevant than ever. It may appear in the form of a slogan on a T-shirt (as Mariah Grazia Chiuri did for Dior, with the "we should all be feminists" shirt) or maybe in the form of the materials used to make the garments (such as stopping the use of fur and leather, as every brand should do). Either way, more and more brands are taking advantage of the fashion industry’s influence and addressing about major issues without speaking.

Today, this important perspective is actually helping brands to stay relevant and is increasing revenues. The fact that values are now more important than prints and trendiness helps consumers feel much more connected to brands who use this form of communication. Whether you're all about female empowerment, environmental issues or any other social issue, today you can find brands that specialize in these subjects and put them on their top priority. Even the smallest labels can't allow themselves to not integrate the news into their garments.

That being said, as consumers we should definitely be more aware of what's going on around the world in order to make the best choices for our closet, not only from a chicness point of view but also because these brands hold such power that our choices can actually impact the world. As said, the biggest brands address the biggest news through the best way they know - fashion, and one thing is for sure - read more, dress better.

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