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Credit: Roni Levav


Noam Gurevich, 27, Israeli

I've been in the fashion industry since 2015 as a fashion editor at a teen magazine, a style editor at a street style website, fashion journalist for Israeli and international magazines, social media manager for various brands, and marketing manager for several luxury brands. These days, I am in charge of the content in a multi-brand fashion company. 

Through the years, my love for fashion only got bigger as I realized the different layers and influence of this business.

I opened this website so I'll have a place to express my deep thoughts about the fashion industry, about its impact on the world, share some style tips, fun facts and interesting news.

Moreover, I hope I'll be able to make a difference in the way people perceive fashion and the way it can truly affect the world.

YALLA, Hope you'll enjoy this ride with me.

Stay Classy,



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Credit: Roni Levav
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